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Community guidelines
  • Be respectful and professional. All interactions on the platform should be respectful and professional. This includes both the way you communicate with other users and the way you submit and answer trouble tickets.
  • Be clear and concise. When submitting a trouble ticket, be sure to provide as much detail as possible so that the person answering the ticket can understand the problem and provide a solution. When answering a trouble ticket, be sure to be clear and concise in your explanation of the solution.
  • Be patient. It may take some time for someone to answer your trouble ticket, especially if it is a complex issue. Be patient and understanding, and do not be afraid to follow up if you have not heard back after a reasonable amount of time.
  • Pay for services rendered. If you are answered a trouble ticket by another user, be sure to pay the agreed-upon fee. This helps to ensure that the platform is sustainable and that other users are able to continue providing their services.
  • Report abuse. If you see any behavior that violates the community guidelines, please report it to the platform administrators. This helps to keep the platform safe and welcoming for everyone.

Ticket moderation and flagging are important tools for keeping a platform safe and welcoming for everyone. Ticket moderation is the process of reviewing and approving or rejecting tickets before they are made public. Flagging is the process of notifying moderators of a ticket that may violate the platform's community guidelines.

Moderators can use a variety of criteria to determine whether a ticket should be approved or rejected. These criteria may include the following:

  • The content of the ticket
  • The tone of the ticket
  • The user's history on the platform

If a moderator determines that a ticket violates the platform's community guidelines, they can reject the ticket or take further action, such as banning the user.

Users can flag tickets that they believe violate the platform's community guidelines. When a ticket is flagged, it is sent to the moderators for review. Moderators will then take appropriate action, such as approving or rejecting the ticket, or taking further action against the user.

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