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Things that I have on my mind that I'd like to work on. Have suggestions? Send them in through the feedback form.

Community resources section
Love to create learning resources for the community? Soon you'll be able to make money by adding your resources to our community resources section.
Turn in Credits for raffle tickets
Give the community the ability to spend credits on raffle tickets for monthly giveaways
Ophelia Pro badges
Give Pros virtual badges based on the amount of tickets solved
Allow other screen recorders
Loom is great and all, but what if people want to use other screen recorders? Yea, I'm looking into that.
Clean up the UI (obviously)
It's a MVP. So things around here are not refined. But that's the fun part about the web right? We get to keep working at it. Nothing is ever perfect and that's ok :)
Edit ticket info
Edit ticket subject, category, description and token amounts
Report average solution time
When more people get their questions answered, I'll have enough data to make this happen. Until then, keep submitting and solving tickets, my friends!
Projects under NDA
Have a way for people to send an NDA, get it signed by a Pro, who then sends it back through this platform.
Ticket auto-expiration
Archive a ticket if it gets too old and notify the member who submitted it.
Ophelia Pro profiles
A collection template page for Pros so you can learn more about them.

What we've been working on

MVP launched!


September 12, 2023

Welcome to the MVP of Ophelia!

I want to thank everyone who has helped test Ophelia and given feedback. It has been a fun journey to get to this point. Now the fun begins :)


Some questions that people have already asked.

What is an Ophelia credit?

Ophelia credits are the virtual currency that is used in this community. 1 credit is worth $1.56 USD. Community members can purchase credits and attach them to their tickets and Ophelia Pros can earn credits by answering tickets. Also, just to be clear, these credits have nothing to do with Web3, blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Why are members allowed to attach any amount of credits to their tickets?

It's up to you how you want to use your credits: You can enter the minimum of 25 credits to your ticket or attach more so you can put your ticket at the top of the queue if your issue is complex or urgent.

Here's an example. Imagine you're working on a $1,000 project and you hit a roadblock that could take you several hours to solve.

  • Time: You could spend hours searching for help on forums or social media, but there's no guarantee you'll find the answer you need. And even if you do, it could take you a long time to understand and implement the solution.
  • Frustration: Trying to solve a problem on your own can be frustrating and time-consuming. You may feel like you're banging your head against a wall, and it can be hard to stay motivated.
  • Money: The longer it takes you to solve the problem, the more money you'll lose. If you have to delay the project, you could lose out on potential income.

By paying a pro $50 or more to help you, you can get past the roadblock quickly and easily.

  • Time: A pro can diagnose the problem and offer a solution in minutes. This will save you hours of time that you can spend on other tasks.
  • Frustration: A pro can help you understand the problem and the solution, so you don't have to waste time feeling frustrated.
  • Money: By getting help quickly, you can avoid delaying the project and losing out on potential income.

You can also use the knowledge you gain from the pro to help you on future projects.

  • This is a wise investment: Paying a pro $50 or more to save you hours of time, frustration, and money is a wise investment. You'll also come away with valuable knowledge that you can use again and again.
Are tickets private?

Yes. Only Ophelia Pros can see all open tickets. Community members can only see their own tickets.

Can I get a refund?

We do not provide cash refunds for purchased Ophelia credits. However, you can get refunds of your Ophelia credits if you feel that a ticket wasn't handled correctly. Just "Flag" a ticket and our team will look into the issue wtihin 24 to 48 hours.

Why introduce a virtual currency?

Virtual credits are easier to refund  than money. Plus, with credits you can do more things with it. For example, right now in Ophelia you can gift credits to a friend.In the future, I'll be doing more with credits that'll add more value to the site. Like the ability to convert credits into monthly raffle tickets for giveaways. As for the price, I started with $1 per credit. Then added on Stripe fees, taxes and overhead. This is how i got to $1.56/credit.

What is the difference between Members and Pros?
  • Members can submit tickets
  • Ophelia Pros can both submit and answer tickets and cash out credits
  • Everyone can gift credits to a friend
Something broke. How do I contact the support team?

It's an MVP and Nelson's first project. Things may break but we are here to work through the issues with you. Please contact us through the feedback form.

What's the difference between Ophelia and Freelance job boards?

Ophelia is a platform that helps freelancers get through their current projects. Ophelia Pros help answer their unique questions, so they don't have to waste time searching through forums, Discord, or social media.

Other project boards, like Contra, Fiverr, and Upwork, are focused on helping freelancers find new projects. Ophelia is different because Ophelia Pros are here to help you with the projects you already have.

How long does it take to be accepted as an Ophelia Pro?

This depends on the amount of community members and tickets that are submitted. I want to make sure there is a good balance. For example, I don't want to only have 2 tickets submitted and 50 Pros competing to take them. And vice-versa, I don't want to have 50 tickets submitted and only 2 Pros available to help. So, if you've applied just be patient and you'll be notified when you're accepted as a pro.

Are there any fees for Ophelia Pros?

The platform will take 5% of each cash out from Ophelia Pros to help cover overhead fees. The minimum amount an Ophelia Pro can earn is $23.75 per ticket.

Earn money while helping others
Become a part of the Ophelia community and help others build amazing websites. Apply to be an Ophelia Pro.